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$705,000.00 - Juvenile struck by a commercial van as she walked to City school bus.  Plaintiff alleged that the van driver did not stop at a red traffic signal and the bus did not utilize its stop sign as the plaintiff approached the bus. Plaintiff sustained serious fractures and a degloving injury to her foot requiring open reduction and internal fixation.  Case settled after a jury was selected in Kings County.


$500,000.00 - Juvenile assaulted by another juvenile when the officer left the room in a youth correctional facility in the Bronx.  Plaintiff sustained a fractured skull requiring the insertion of a metal plate.  The case settled after a 50% liability verdict against the State of New York.


$375,000.00- Two construction workers injured in a fall at a construction site.  One plaintiff had a torn miniscus requiring surgery and the other worker had a fractured sternum as well as neck and back injuries.  The Court granted summary judgment in favor of the plaintiffs and the case settled during mediation in Rockland County.


$350,000.00- Wrongful death case in which plaintiff an eldery female checked into the hospital with cardiac arrest and other medical problems.  Lab technician removed her oxygen during a ct scan but never put it back causing anoxic brain damage.  Plaintiff was sedated during the ct scan and never regained consciousness.   Case settled at a trial conference


$200,000.00 - Plaintiff did not receive proper medical attention while in police custody in the Bronx and required a further amputation to his toe as a result of exposure to unclean conditions in Bronx central booking.  The City lost its motion for summary judgment and case settled during the appeal.


$195,000.00 - Podiatrist performed negligent bunion surgery causing pain and subsequent surgery to repair a bone in plaintiff's foot.   Case settled in Bronx County during a settlement conference prior to jury selection.


$175,000.00 - Four children with low lead levels settled before jury selection in New York County.  The children alleged cognitive difficulties due to exposure to lead paint in their building.  


$100,000.00 - Woman assaulted in Bronx homeless shelter by security officer.  Plaintiff needed several stitches to her face and a residual scar remained.  Case settled in Bronx County during a settlement conference before jury selection. 


$100,000.00 - Man stabbed in his home by intruder since Landlord failed to provide an adequate lock for his apartment.  Plaintiff had a significant injury requiring life saving surgery.  Case settled in Westchester County prior to jury selection.   


$75,000.00 - Hospital failed to properly diagnose fractured finger since no x-ray was taken by resident doctor.  Plaintiff settled prior to jury selection in Queens County.


$50,000.00 - Hospital conducted wrongful autospy on infant against consent of mother.  Case settled after liability verdict against Hospital in Queens County.


$50,000.00 - Parents of stillborn baby requested fetus for burial and Hospital discarded fetus in trash.  Parents suffered emotional distress and case settled in New York County during pre-trial settlement conference. 


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